Your ideas: beautiful.

STEM. The environment. Empowerment. Education.

MNEM offers photographic support for causes that matter. In an image-centric world, the competition to be seen is ever-increasing. And while great ideas speak for themselves, the right visuals emphasize innovation in a language everyone will 

note. MNEM will capture your unique message in an artful, impactful way, readying it to be shared with the world.


About Michelle:

Concretely, MNEM is the collective and ongoing works of photographer Michelle Nicole Eggers. 

Michelle studied journalism and photography at the University of North Florida, and has news and humor pieces published in various newspapers, websites and zines. Her focus is on landscape, travel and event photography - a little of everything. She has captured moments, places and faces in more than 11 countries, 26 U.S. states, and across 5 varying continents, with plans to increase those numbers indefinitely.